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With so much information about mortgage trends & home loan rates coming at you from so many places, quite frankly it can be overwhelming. To help buyers and sellers everywhere sift through it all CharlestonMortgageConnection.com has condensed ALL the best the web has to offer in one convenient place. This is the webpage Realtors all over the U.S. use, savvy home buyers, and a place for real estate industry pros to refer back to, utilizing on their own websites for their clients to gather information. This site is for not only those looking to buy and refinance properties in the Charleston, SC area but ALL over the entire United States. The data contained here is NATIONAL. If you are just starting the process of searching for the right home, or want to refinance your loan(s) hopefully you will find this is the one stop for ALL mortgage rate information and mortgage news.

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Construction Lot & Loans

Lot Loans in Charleston, SC-

When looking to purchase a lot / vacant home site to build a new home be prepared that the mortgage loan terms are considerably different. The items needed for approval are the same, but usually you will need a minimum of 10% down BUT be prepared for 15-20%. Also, the loan terms are more stringent. The years you can finance vary from a 10-20 years, and the loan is probably going to have a balloon payment or adjustment at 5 to 10 years. Also, many lot loans require a build begin requirement within 2 to 5 years.

Construction Loans in Charleston, South Carolina –

I am pretty certain these rules more than likely apply across the United States, but this is specifically detailed for those living in and around the Low-country of S.C. Construction loans are typically harder to get and slightly more expensive than a traditional purchase money mortgage because there is much more work involved while the property is being constructed. Usually the minimum for down payment is 10-15%. There is always an inherent risk to the bank that the builder miss-calculated the cost to build which adds another element of concern for the bank; thus increasing the cost of the loan. As a rule of thumb it's a little easier to get an approval for a construction loan if you own the lot first. Most home builders in Charleston will want to know that you have your funds in order before beginning the project because they will have to apply for a draw to start phase 1.

Banks in South Carolina providing construction loans will want to see the plans of the home, the resume of the builder, and the build contract break down, among the other items related to your ability to qualify.

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Scotts Creek Dev.

“This is such an awesome tool for us to show our clients who are building a house with us in our community. It allows them to keep up with what’s happening with rates as their home is being built so they know where to lock in when we have finished it”. Scott’s Creek, Mount Pleasant, SC

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Watts Team

“Thanks for making this webpage! It is such a great tool to send my clients to. They tell me all the time how cool it is to go to one page instead of scouring the web for this info. Awesome work”!
Josh Watts - Realtor

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Financial Advisor

“If you are considering buying or refinancing a home in Charleston, SC or anywhere in the U.S for that matter this is the best site I have seen for easily checking on the mortgage rates market. It has just about anything you could need as it pertains to mortgage information”. Kevin Hedges – CEO Hedges Wealth Mgmt.

James Schiller

James Schiller

“I love this page, and so do my clients. After I put this link in my website; the best part about it is I can go to it every day and check out what’s happening in the mortgage rates market without having to go to a bunch of different bank’s sites, or other news sites. This on webpage does it all for me and my clients”. Charleston, SC Real Estate Agent

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